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The Greatest Mind in Nutrition

There is no nutrition expert I agree with more than Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. I just love her, and I hope you learn to, too.

Here’s an interview of her by Dr. Mercola, another of my go-to nutrition people. It’s almost 2 and half hours long, but it just may change your life.

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What’s Your 2012 Resolution?

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone! What are you doing this coming year to make a stronger commitment to your mental and physical health? Here are some ideas. Choose a couple to start.


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How to Have a Merry and BLOAT-FREE Holidays

The holidays are known for meats, sweets and starches, but PLEASE don’t ignore your vegetables. They make you feel much for satisfied, curb your urge for dessert and help prevent the classic post-binge bloat. Here are a couple recipes I’m doing this year:

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Medium Raw. Read it.

Anthony Bourdain has a wonderful way of knocking us over the head and rescuing us from the world’s increasing dumbness. In Medium Raw, he imposes upon the reader a much-needed commentary on the food and restaurant system, from government policy to cooking TV. Here are a few of my favorite passages (censored, of course):

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Ideas for a Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving

Use your imagination to put a healthy spin on classic Thanksgiving dishes and avoid that infamous Black Friday bloat. A few tips:


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The WORST neurotoxin of them ALL

Mercury is the most poisonous substance to human beings on this earth, second only to plutonium. And the organ it threatens the most is the brain. If we do not detoxify it – which most of us cannot as a result of genetic, dietary and other lifestyle deficits – it accumulates in the brain resulting in major and mysterious neurological injury.

No need for panic, but exercise caution. Avoid mercury-containing substances and emphasize mercury-eliminating foods. Continue reading to understand the why’s and how’s:

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Lung Power

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) each season is associated with different organs. Fall is the Lungs and Large Intestine.

What does this tell us about the best way to conduct ourselves until Dec 22?

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I’ll have the egg YOLK omelet, please.

Healthy, smart people don’t fall for hype and bad science, which explains why healthy, smart people wouldn’t order an egg white omelet. That’s because the yolk, not the white, supports a strong body and brain.

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