We believe you should have enough energy, optimism and mental resources to get the most out of this life. You should not have to suffer needlessly or feel resigned to a future that does not live up to how you envision it.

To actualize this way of being and achieve the highest expression of yourself, nutrition is important. But, there are many false and misleading dietary recommendations that may be holding you back.

We are determined to uncover the truth of nutrition and show the powerful gifts of a nutrition-focused life. We want food to be a source of good, not a source of destruction.

We believe that the following principles are necessary for effective nutritional guidance:

  1. Awareness, Clarity and Wisdom

    Knowledge is power.

    We function on the premise that you are a smart, rational person – that with the right information you will make the best decisions for your health and mental well-being. Unlike many health practitioners, we do not tell you what to do or disregard your personal wisdom. Rather, we strive to be a source of explanation, reason and inspiration to equip you with the education and awareness to become your own intelligent guide.

    We feel that clarity and confidence is achieved by looking at many different points of view and incorporate numerous philosophies of nutrition:

    • Modern scientific discovery
    • Theories of alternative medicine
    • Secrets from the ancient East
    • The culinary arts and enjoyment of food
    • Our own personal experience and lessons learned

    We explain these theories and show you how to put them into practice with lots of tips and easy-to-follow instructions.

  2. Holistic

    Get the whole picture.

    Food is more than the sum of its parts. It is not the individual foods and nutrients that matter, but how they react with one another. Food is relative to your unique biological makeup, life situation and goals, in addition to the conditions in which you eat (e.g., your mood or the time of day).

    If you are advised to eat a certain food or supplement, it is necessary to consider how that food or supplement functions within your whole diet, biology and lifestyle.For example, a screening may show that you have an Omega 3 deficiency, but taking fish oil alone may be ineffective since you also require other nutrients like Vitamin E to help the Omega 3’s assimilate into your brain and body.

    By learning the interconnected nature of food, you will learn how to derive the greatest amount of nutrients, value and satisfaction from the least amount of food.

  3. Respect for the Individual

    One person’s medicine is another person’s poison.

    Everyone is different — different age, gender, responsibilities, genetics, background, goals, etc. — so how can a blanket nutrition plan benefit everyone? It can’t.

    Among us there are various nutritional types. Different sorts of people require and crave different sorts of foods and nutrients. Each nutritional type is determined by genetics, lifestyle, age, goals and current state of health. We explain how to determine your type so you can customize your nutrition to meet your unique and changing needs.

  4. Exciting and Encouraging

    Otherwise it won’t work!

    Nutrition shouldn’t be another source of stress and worry in your life. It should give you more time and energy, not less. It should give you fun and excitement, not guilt and struggle.

We believe that through clear and comprehensive guidance, along with attention to your unique needs, you can embrace the true power and potential of nutrition.

It need not be confusing, frustrating or tiring. Rather, it should bring boundless joy and vigor into your life as your challenges dissipate and your vitality abounds.

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