Your 2nd Brain, the Gut

It is staggering how much the brain is linked to the gut. Your level of energy, stress, intelligence, happiness and health is entirely dependent on the condition of your digestive system. If fact, digestive disorders often present themselves as mental dysfunctions rather than digestive distress.

This is a must-do program for everyone that wants to optimize brainpower. We’ll cover:

  • Everyday mental dysfunctions that originate in the gut.
  • The dangerous implications of indigestion (acid reflux, bloating, bowel irregularity).
  • Compounds produced in the gut that the brain uses to function.
  • The digestive process and importance of bacteria.
  • Foods that allow the spread of harmful microbes.
  • Recipes and supplements to repair and restore the gut.
  • Potential dangers of pharmaceutical drugs.
Online Program Details: Your 2nd Brain, the Gut
Program Length: 3, 1-hour sessions. Contact to schedule.
Price: Rates vary. Contact for details.

Please contact us to register.

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