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Genetically Modified Foods: The Horror and the Hope

I always knew genetically modified foods (GMO’s) were harmful, but I didn’t realize HOW much so until I recently went to a talk by Jeffrey Smith, a foremost expert on GMO’s. He clarified not only the devastating consequences to our health, society and environment, but also showed that it only takes a small amount of effort for us to eliminate GMO’s from our diets and eventually from our food system.

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Is Your Brain on FIRE?

I’m sure you’ve heard of chronic low-grade inflammation. But what is it? How does it effect your brain? And where’s the extinguisher?!

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Is it Time for a New Doctor?

There are great doctors out there, but there are plenty of bad ones that may unknowingly bring harm to you and your loved ones. So to help you choose the right one for you, here are some excerpts from the Hippocratic Oath to judge whether or not your doc is practicing medicine as s/he ought to be:

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The Greatest Mind in Nutrition

There is no nutrition expert I agree with more than Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. I just love her, and I hope you learn to, too.

Here’s an interview of her by Dr. Mercola, another of my go-to nutrition people. It’s almost 2 and half hours long, but it just may change your life.

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What’s Your 2012 Resolution?

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone! What are you doing this coming year to make a stronger commitment to your mental and physical health? Here are some ideas. Choose a couple to start.


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Medium Raw. Read it.

Anthony Bourdain has a wonderful way of knocking us over the head and rescuing us from the world’s increasing dumbness. In Medium Raw, he imposes upon the reader a much-needed commentary on the food and restaurant system, from government policy to cooking TV. Here are a few of my favorite passages (censored, of course):

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Welcome to Tip of the Week

Read more to learn a bit more about living nutritiously, with tips on cooking, quality food selection, seasonal eating, NYC restaurants, the latest news in nutritional science and more!

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