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It’s HOT! Eat foods that help you COOL OFF

The City is alive and bright! The streets and greenmarkets are buzzing with the energy and abundance of the season. But, the oppressive heat and humidity in NYC is starting to take its toll, so here are a few tips to keep you cool, energized and protected under the hot sun:

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A simple trick to keep warm

Ginger tea! And it’s so easy to make…


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How to Have a Merry and BLOAT-FREE Holidays

The holidays are known for meats, sweets and starches, but PLEASE don’t ignore your vegetables. They make you feel much for satisfied, curb your urge for dessert and help prevent the classic post-binge bloat. Here are a couple recipes I’m doing this year:

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Lung Power

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) each season is associated with different organs. Fall is the Lungs and Large Intestine.

What does this tell us about the best way to conduct ourselves until Dec 22?

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Cleansing. It’s Trendy, but What’s the Use?

Early fall is an ideal time for a gentle Cleanse to help you detoxify from your summer fun. You can reset your body and regain your sense of center, which helps prepare you for the cold season to come.

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Final Days of Summer! Get it while it’s HOT!

Fall begins Friday and summer will have to wait until next year. Sad, I know. But this short window – as summer fades to fall – is the best time of year. The summer heat has calmed, but the sun still shines. Things are at peace – no more hurricanes and earthquakes. The earth is flourishing and giving us a bounty of food that is eyes-roll-back good.

But the clock is TICKING. This is your last chance to feel the simple joys of summer before the cold hits.

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Foods to Fight Humidity

Humidity can have a terrible impact on your mood and mental performance. You may feel more listless, confused and stagnate than usual. Tasks can take twice as long to complete. You may feel more temperamental, pessimistic or low-spirited. And it’s not because you’re having an existential life crisis, your body just doesn’t like the humidity.

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