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Power Soup

If there were one super simple thing you could do for your health, what would it be? Miso Soup! And making it the healthy way (NOT instant miso soup) is as easy as brewing tea.

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A simple trick to keep warm

Ginger tea! And it’s so easy to make…


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How to Have a Merry and BLOAT-FREE Holidays

The holidays are known for meats, sweets and starches, but PLEASE don’t ignore your vegetables. They make you feel much for satisfied, curb your urge for dessert and help prevent the classic post-binge bloat. Here are a couple recipes I’m doing this year:

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Ideas for a Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving

Use your imagination to put a healthy spin on classic Thanksgiving dishes and avoid that infamous Black Friday bloat. A few tips:


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Spring Cooking

Welcome to the exciting new website of A.H. Nutrition Therapy. To start off, I want to give you a tip about spring cooking (even though it’s technically the first days of summer). Spring is about renewal, fast-paced change and coming out from under winter’s oppression. So while long, slow cooking methods may have made you feel warm and nourished in the colder months, they now may make you feel overheated and sluggish. Spring is a time when you, and your food, should burst forth with life and motion.

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