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Acidic v. Alkaline Foods: Does it Matter?

Many debate the validity of the popular Acid-Alkaline Diet. It claims that most foods cause the body’s pH to become either acid or alkaline, and that disease has roots in consuming an overly acidic diet. But is this true?

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Eat Fat Lose Fat

Eat Fat Lose Fat, a book by Dr. Mary Enig and Sally Fallon, is a must read to understand how dietary fat influences our biology so you can not only melt fat, but also optimize every cell in your body. It’s information will shock you and open your eyes to a whole new culinary world.

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I’ll have the egg YOLK omelet, please.

Healthy, smart people don’t fall for hype and bad science, which explains why healthy, smart people wouldn’t order an egg white omelet. That’s because the yolk, not the white, supports a strong body and brain.

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The Brain, The Heart and Stupid Dieticians

According to new research, up to 80% of those suffering chronic heart failure also experience cognitive impairments such as memory loss, slower reaction time and lessened attention and concentration.

But according to Andréa Hammond, this figure should be 100%. Here’s why…

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Green Juice – It doesn’t look very good, BUT…

Green juices – made from green vegetables like kale, spinach, celery and cucumber – deliver a punch of nutrients and immune-building properties. But just like coffee or beer, green juices become delicious once you recognize how great they make you feel.

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Coconut Water for Smarts

Coconut water is filled with electrolytes that are necessary for cells to produce energy, maintain strength and function optimally.

But what the heck are electrolytes, exactly?

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Bask in the sun 15 mins a day

Every cell and tissue in your body depends on vitamin D for its well-being. Therefore, you, as a whole, depend on vitamin D for your own sense of well-being. In fact, many mental and physical disorders have been definitively tied to a vitamin D deficiency, such as depression and mood instability.

What is the ideal source of this vital nutrient? Direct sunlight. But given our indoor lifestyles and belief that the sun is dangerous, you are most likely deficient. After all, it’s estimated that at least 85% of Americans are.

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