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The WORST neurotoxin of them ALL

Mercury is the most poisonous substance to human beings on this earth, second only to plutonium. And the organ it threatens the most is the brain. If we do not detoxify it – which most of us cannot as a result of genetic, dietary and other lifestyle deficits – it accumulates in the brain resulting in major and mysterious neurological injury.

No need for panic, but exercise caution. Avoid mercury-containing substances and emphasize mercury-eliminating foods. Continue reading to understand the why’s and how’s:

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Cleansing, Part II: The Value of a Clear Nose

My cleansing regimen is going strong (see previous entry), and I’m feeling better and better each day. But, I still have this nagging postnasal drip.

It is critically important to have a clear nasal passage for multiple reasons:


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Cleansing. It’s Trendy, but What’s the Use?

Early fall is an ideal time for a gentle Cleanse to help you detoxify from your summer fun. You can reset your body and regain your sense of center, which helps prepare you for the cold season to come.

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