Bio: A Letter from A.H.

Hello and welcome.

Thank you for visiting the site and thank yourself for taking an active interest in your health. To help you understand more about A.H. Nutrition Therapy and how I came to found it, I’d like to tell you a little bit about my personal background and point of view.

Even though I specialize in nutrition, I don’t really think of myself as a nutritionist. I’m more of a keen researcher that is drawn to find a deeper understanding of things. This inclination led to a history of success in market research, but I felt mental roadblocks kept me from realizing my full professional potential – stress, lack of drive, inability to focus, etc. I was determined to achieve, but knew I couldn’t do it without stronger mental power and certainly not at the expense of my happiness or long-term health.

So, I left my job and reassigned my efforts toward answering some pretty monumental life questions: How can I maximize my mental capacity to get the most out my time on earth and create the life I envision? How do I conquer life’s challenges with the utmost grace and positivity? How can I harmonize happiness and achievement?

For years I searched and studied the infinitely fascinating world of the mind and body. To my surprise, the answers to my questions were not found in popular medical literature. They were found in learning about our greatest supply of life: food.

Yet, unfortunately, I feel that nothing is more adulterated, overlooked and misunderstood in this society than food. I was (and still am) astounded by the amount of conflicting, misguided and ridiculously inaccurate information disseminated by some doctors, certified dieticians and highly accredited, best-selling authors!

Based on my research and experience, I knew that nutrition was an elemental part of the solution, but this slew of misguided advice was leaving me bewildered and directionless. I didn’t really know what to do. Therefore, I resolved to concentrate my efforts even more in “getting to the bottom of it” and find out the exact ways in which food can be used to support a rich life.

I moved to New York City and became a certified chef through The Natural Gourmet Institute – a health-focused culinary school based on the work of Dr. Annemarie Colbin. There, I learned to grasp the visceral, hands-on side of food and how to create truly nurturing meals. I later studied directly under Dr. Colbin in Food Therapy, a course in advanced nutrition.

I also became a certified health counselor at the Academy for Healing Nutrition, which focuses on the Eastern medical philosophy of nutrition and healing. I also continued, and still continue, my own comprehensive investigation into the connection between nutrition and the mind. And, as a discerning skeptic, I continually experiment on myself to test the validity of any nutritional theory.

What I’ve learned has been nothing short of astounding. I have uncovered jaw-dropping and miraculous nutrition-based treatments buried deeply within modern and ancient medical literature. Most importantly, I have found that nutrition is not synonymous with counting calories or removing fun from food. Nutrition is about what you, as a unique individual, need to feel wonderful and accomplish your dreams.

Based on these many discoveries, I developed a system of nutrition that bypasses hype and mythology, and gets to the heart of how nutrition can advance your mind. This system has allowed me to prevent or reverse stress, low mood, mental haze, lack of concentration and much more. Today I feel liberated and in control, no longer at the mercy of my own misunderstandings.

So, all in all, I’m not really a nutritionist at all, but more of an investigative reporter who has identified nutrition as a definitive form of mental therapy and is now driven to spread the word. Accordingly, I founded A.H. Nutrition Therapy, where my focus is to give people the information and insight needed to understand the precise and profound ways in which food influences the mind.

My goal is not to judge or assert authority over you, unlike the way in which many medical practitioners treat their patients. Rather, I want you to become the informed and empowered decision-maker of your own life. I want to help you become the expert of your own mind and body so you can actively achieve your best.

I hope to see you soon!


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