About A.H. Nutrition Therapy

Food interacts with your brain chemically, biologically and even electrically, impacting every detail of how you think, feel, behave and perform. As a result, your lunch has a much greater impact on your mind than what you might imagine.

At A.H. Nutrition Therapy we teach a series of seminars and workshops to explain the food-mind interaction and give you practical dietary techniques to advance and shape your mind.

You’ll learn how to identify and avoid the foods that make you far more sensitive to life’s challenges:

  • Stressed with deadlines.
  • Frustrated with a scrutinizing boss.
  • Unable to think clearly.
  • Unmotivated.
  • Fearful, etc.

And as you begin to recognize the interplay between food and the mind, you’ll become equipped with the knowledge to sculpt a mind that performs in your favor:

  • Abundant energy and focus to get things done.
  • Keen intellect to solve and avoid problems.
  • Aptitude to learn and retain new information.
  • Self-confident and levelheaded to overcome stress and worry, etc.

You may then realize that your undesirable thoughts and moods are not necessarily random, genetic or Freudian, but are more preventable, fixable and ultimately nothing you’re obligated to deal with.

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