Genetically Modified Foods: The Horror and the Hope

I always knew genetically modified foods (GMO’s) were harmful, but I didn’t realize HOW much so until I recently went to a talk by Jeffrey Smith, a foremost expert on GMO’s. He clarified not only the devastating consequences to our health, society and environment, but also showed that it only takes a small amount of effort for us to eliminate GMO’s from our diets and eventually from our food system.

Here’s how genetic modification/engineering works: Scientists inject a gene from one organism into another so that the recipient organism produces a protein that expresses a desired trait. Such trait could be a resistance to a highly toxic herbicide (e.g., Round-Up), so when said herbicide is sprayed on the fields everything is killed save for the GM crop (e.g., soy).

Does this process sound suspicious to you? It should.


Since the beginning of life, Mother Nature has carefully woven genes into a delicate web that has grown in increasing complexity and interconnectedness over time. When one gene is tampered with, there is no way to predict the snowball effect on the rest of the organism’s genetic code. In the case of GM peas, one small genetic alteration turned delicious peas into poison!

Human genes have not evolved to understand these new Frankenstein genes in our food. They are alien to us, which likely confuses and obstructs the body. BUT, we don’t know. There has been essentially no properly conducted, independent testing on the impact of GMO’s to humans.

The food industry (namely Monsanto), along with the U.S. government that they control, does not care to explore that which may threaten profits. The FDA just trusts the food industry’s word. We don’t know what GMO’s do to us, or if they can even mutate our own genes! Industry-funded studies are designed NOT to find risks. They are as vague and superficial as possible in order to control the FDA and politicians.

Not only are GMO’s direly understudied, but since we eat more than just one food, it is difficult to conclusively source GMO’s as a culprit to human health. However, evidence is clear in animal studies with monodiets of GM corn or soy:

  • Severely damaged and distorted villi. Villi are finger-like projections on the intestinal lining that absorb nutrients. Without them we cannot extract the raw materials (i.e., the nutrients) for us to survive and function optimally.
  • Fertility complications (infertility in males and females, miscarriage, prematurity, low birth weight, etc.)
  • Skin problems
  • Sudden death

Many animals, including RATS, know instinctively not to eat GM feed!

Scientific rationale and the few human studies we have show GMO’s to cause allergies, toxins, digestive problems and new diseases. Many people with digestive disorders often see large improvement from eliminating GM foods.

  • The BT toxin in GM corn is a pesticide designed to kill insects from the inside out. And so too does it kill our skin cells. Therefore, eating GM corn likely eats away at our gut lining, causing leaky gut. In leaky gut, foreign materials penetrate the intestinal wall and gain access into the bloodstream where they cause absolute mayhem (inflammation, oxidative stress, allergies, etc.). These foreign particles can also breach the blood-brain barrier, greatly disrupting mental function.
  • GMO’s kill microflora in the gut, which are needed for all of our systems to fully function, including our immunity and digestion.
  • The bacteria and virus resistant genes in GMO’s cross with our gut bacteria genes, generating antibiotic resistant gut bacteria! This essentially gives us Round-Up Ready gut bacteria! Not only can this hybridization make US resistant to antibiotics, but we may also become more susceptible to viral and bacterial infection and even cancer.
  • GMO’s suppress protein enzymes in the pancreas, so we cannot effectively digest protein. This causes digestive upset, malnutrition and allows proteins like gluten and casein to spend more time in the GI tract where they can cause damage and allergic reaction.
  • Soy naturally contains trypsin inhibitors – a natural allergen that blocks protein enzymes – but trypsin inhibitors in GM soy are 7 times higher.

Try eliminating GMO’s for a few months and see how you feel. Does your digestion strengthen? Do strange problems seem to go away? Do you have more energy?


GMO’s are mostly found in the following food products, but are often disguised in food labels. Click here for a list of all GM ingredients.

  • Soy
  • Corn
  • Canola
  • Cotton
  • Beet sugar
  • Zucchini and crookneck squash

This fact presents a challenge for us New Yorker’s because we like to eat out! But, most restaurants use cheap vegetable oil made from the oils of GM soy, corn, canola and/or cottonseed! It’s so hard to avoid, but you can ask your waiter to have your food cooked in olive oil or butter (ghee at Indian restaurants).

OR, eat organic. Organic, however, does not ensure no GMO’s. Organic means the farmer did not intend to grow GM crops, but winds carry GM spores from nearby farms that then infect the organic seed. This is how Monsanto sews farmers for use of their patented seed (see Food Inc., The Future of Food or King Corn).

What’s more, the impact of genetic pollution on the environment will outlast global warming and nuclear waste!


The physical and social threat that GMO’s pose to our civilization cannot be understated, but all you need to do is simply STOP eating them! Jeffrey Smith estimates that if just 5% of consumers stop buying GMO’s, food producers and suppliers will be forced to change. Essentially, GMO’s will become too much of a marketing liability. Such a market shift occurred swiftly and successfully in Europe. It can happen here.

You can also urge your political leaders to require identification of GMO’s on food labels. Then, at least you will know what you are eating.

For more information, go to Jeffery’s website or read one of his books Seeds of Deception or Genetic Roulette. There are MANY organizations in on this no-GMO effort, as well. And you, too, can join us by simply raising the issue to friends and family and choosing to make a conscientious effort to avoid GMO’s.

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