Cleansing, Part II: The Value of a Clear Nose

My cleansing regimen is going strong (see previous entry), and I’m feeling better and better each day. But, I still have this nagging postnasal drip.

It is critically important to have a clear nasal passage for multiple reasons:

  • The stickiness of mucus collects air pollutants, dust and unwanted microbes from the environment, which you then swallow and trap inside your body. I love New York City, but I don’t want to carry around its dirt inside of me!
  • Yeast thrives in damp environments.
  • Increase your risk of sinus infection.
  • Without a clear nose, you can’t breathe well! Reduced oxygen intake equates to reduced energy, depression, brain fog, morning grogginess and a host of other problems. A well-oxygenated person is more outgoing, charismatic and full of life.
  • Oxygen kills harmful microbes and helps the body detoxify.

Dairy, especially from cows, is the main culprit of a blocked nose  – maybe why the French have such nasally voices (no offense!). Coconut, soy and tomatoes also form mucus.

The bitter flavor, on the other hand, clears the nasal passage. Dandelion greens and grapefruit peel tea definitely do the trick. When I learned about the clearing effects of the bitter flavor through Traditional Chinese Medicine, I realized that I loved my morning coffee not for its caffeine, but because it allowed me take a deep breath!

Herbaceous and spicy foods break up accumulations. As you know, tissue is always a necessary accompaniment to any good Mexican meal. Ginger and Daikon, a spicy Japanese radish, are especially good for cleansing. Shitake mushrooms and almonds are also excellent.

It’s why Italians, who love their cheese and tomatoes, also consume a lot of herbs and dark espresso. Why Thai coconut curry has a lot of ginger and dried spices. Why Japanese miso soup often has tofu in a dashi made from shitakes.

That said, I’ve decreased my dairy and coconut consumption. But since these foods have great benefits, I offset their mucus-forming baggage with lots of herbs, spices and bitter foods, along with shitake broth and homemade almond milk.

So far my nasal passage feels much more open. It’s amazing how great breathing feels, lol!

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