Final Days of Summer! Get it while it’s HOT!

Fall begins Friday and summer will have to wait until next year. Sad, I know. But this short window – as summer fades to fall – is the best time of year. The summer heat has calmed, but the sun still shines. Things are at peace – no more hurricanes and earthquakes. The earth is flourishing and giving us a bounty of food that is eyes-roll-back good.

But the clock is TICKING. This is your last chance to feel the simple joys of summer before the cold hits.

Right now, nature is strutting its stuff at the greenmarket. Both humans and plants are bursting with life, energy and amazement. People are pleasant and happy as they graze through the cornucopia of plants, colors and aromas. The tomatoes and peaches are ambrosia.

To me, nothing could be more therapeutic than being around the earth’s abundance and silently sharing in the awesomeness of the season with everyone around me. It feels incredible to be there. To be humbled by nature’s prevailing and awesome beauty. To be reminded of the remarkable creations and benefits that we get when humans care for the earth. To share the oft-ignored truth that good food gives us exactly what we need to be strong, accomplished and fulfilled people.

At the market, we all feel it, which is a breath of fresh air from a society that doesn’t think twice about its food source. A society that is manipulated into to believing that big grocery chains and convenience restaurants give us the type of fuel we need to thrive.

Eating local is not just another thing on your to-do list. It is what you do to have the energy and smarts needed to complete your list. We must buy local and back the people that help deliver this lifesaving message.

But tragically, many farmers are still suffering from the damage of Hurricane Irene, despite the bountiful appearance of the market. So get yourself TO THE MARKET! Not just to bask in the deliciousness of the final days of summer, but to support the farmers and proprietors that work hard to bring us health.

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