Foods to Fight Humidity

Humidity can have a terrible impact on your mood and mental performance. You may feel more listless, confused and stagnate than usual. Tasks can take twice as long to complete. You may feel more temperamental, pessimistic or low-spirited. And it’s not because you’re having an existential life crisis, your body just doesn’t like the humidity.

To fight humidity, eat foods that have a drying effect on the body. In other words, eat foods that help remove moisture from the body so you can adjust to the added moisture in the atmosphere:

  • Summer vegetables like asparagus, basil, cucumber, summer squash, zucchini
  • Cruciferous vegetables like arugula, bok choy, broccoli, cauliflower, mustard greens, napa cabbage, radish, watercress
  • Romaine lettuce
  • Sprouts, especially from alfalfa beans, mung beans and lentils
  • Acidic fruits like lemons, grapefruit, berries
  • Goat cheese or yogurt
  • Aduki beans
  • Corn, wild rice and rye

Some foods that can worsen the impact of humidity:

  • Sweets and heavy starches like sugar, artificial sweeteners, sweet fruits, potatoes
  • Rich meats
  • Wheat
  • Cow’s milk
  • Fried or oily foods
  • Salt, in excess

It may not be necessary to eliminate all these foods, but try to deemphasize them and combine them with the anti-humidity foods listed above. For instance:

  • Combine high-quality fatty foods with lots of lettuce and fresh summer herbs like basil or tarragon.
  • Opt for feta instead of mozzarella.
  • 24 hours before the summer BBQ, throw meats in an acidic, salt-free marinade.
  • Unprocessed, mineral-rich salt like Celtic or Himalayan sea salt is essential year-round. However, salt makes you retain water; therefore, very salty foods may be beneficial in the dry winter but less so in the humid summer.
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