Bask in the sun 15 mins a day

Every cell and tissue in your body depends on vitamin D for its well-being. Therefore, you, as a whole, depend on vitamin D for your own sense of well-being. In fact, many mental and physical disorders have been definitively tied to a vitamin D deficiency, such as depression and mood instability.

What is the ideal source of this vital nutrient? Direct sunlight. But given our indoor lifestyles and belief that the sun is dangerous, you are most likely deficient. After all, it’s estimated that at least 85% of Americans are.

To receive the amount of vitamin D you need, the average person requires a minimum of 10-15 minutes of sun on their bare skin each day. Sunscreen, windows and clothes block the beneficial wavelengths that produce vitamin D.

CAUTION: Do not burn.

Achieving a slightly rosy color on your skin is fine, but it is crucial that you don’t burn since this is cancer forming. It’s much more effective and safe to receive small increments of sunlight each day rather than to lie out for a few hours on the weekend. If you have sensitive skin or are very pale, start slow.

With this advice in mind, on your next lunch break, go to the park or square for 10 minutes, expose as much skin to the sun (as is appropriate) and relax.

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