Hot drinks for hot days?

Fun fact: In hot climates people traditionally drink HOT liquids. Why not iced? The hot liquid induces sweating that cools down the body. So on a hot, humid day, maybe rethink your iced latte craving.

Unfortunately, Starbucks is now pushing 31-ounce iced beverages known as Trentas, which must be Italian for “kidney failure” (to paraphrase Stephen Colbert). An iced Trenta coffee is 800 mg of caffeine, when you really shouldn’t consume more than 300 mg per day. For only 50 cents extra you can enjoy acute caffeine poisoning with anxiety, panic attacks, agitation, headaches and addiction. What’s more, the average capacity of the human stomach is 5 ounces LESS than the Trenta. The math just doesn’t equate the Trenta as a suitable option for human consumption, or a viable means toward real energy and stamina.

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